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Royalty Owner Information

Building a strong relationship with owners is a priority for Lambda. We strive to provide superior customer service and will process most requests. This page contains helpful information including forms, contact information and FAQs. If additional support is required, please contact the Lambda owner relations team at or 832-280-8957


Change of Address

ACH Payment Request


Submit Change of Address Form via mail or email to

Submit Change to ACH Form via mail or email to

Revenue checks are mailed on the final business day of each month, provided your account has reached a Minimum Pay Status with a balance of at least $50

Many factors contribute to your payment. Changing market conditions may cause fluctuations in commodity prices on a monthly basis, while mechanical or operational problems or routine maintenance may temporarily affect production and cause downtime. Also, over time, production volumes from an individual well will experience a natural decline. While this may be offset with additional wells being drilled on your property, the decline in production volumes from individual wells is inevitable. Also, regulatory or contractual changes or seasonal conditions can affect the amount of your payment. If you have reason to believe an error in payment has occurred, please contact us at the e-mail address or phone number provided on the contacts page.

For your protection, payments may be suspended in the event of a title dispute, assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer or sale of property, or unknown address. Please promptly notify Lambda Energy of any change regarding your interest.

Each scenario is unique and will require specific forms and documentation. Please contact the Lambda office at or 832-280-8957 to discuss the details of your situation.

Please submit a request via email to to have the check re-issued

Suspended amounts become unclaimed property when there is no activity within the specified dormancy period (3 years for most property types) or when a business holding the property is unable to locate the owner.

1099s are issued on or before January 31 of each year. If you do not receive your 1099 by February 16, or the information contained on your 1099 or incorrect, please contact Owner Relations at

Lambda Energy has partnered with EnergyLink to provide you with secure direct access to your personal statements and information. By logging into EnergyLink, you have immediate, convenient access to revenue payments and JIB statements: